Generalist Standing (1st Year)

Students who enter the Master of Social Work program from disciplines other than social work enter the program as a 1st year student. These students must take courses to lay a foundation for the specialized level social work courses. These Generalist courses are taken during the first three semesters of the program. Students who begin as a 1st year student complete their course work in two and one-half years (seven semesters).

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Specialized Standing (Advanced)

The advanced standing option was developed to recognize the academic accomplishments of outstanding applicants who have completed a B.A. in social work or BSW from a college or university accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Students who are accepted into the Specialized standing level may complete their course work in one and one-half years (four semesters).

An area(s) of specialization is chosen after completing the Generalist year or when entering the program at the Specialized standing level.

Over the last year we have moved to a one-track program with four areas of specialization under the overall heading of Clinical Practice. Following is an explanation of what will be expected of students in the Specialized year of the MSW program:

All students will participate in the following courses:
  • 7611: Clinical Social Work with Individuals
  • 7611L: Clinical SW with Individuals—Lab
  • 7612: Clinical Social Work with Families
  • 7612L: Clinical SW with Families—Lab
  • 7616: Beyond the DSM
  • 7618: Clinical SW with Groups

Students will be allowed to choose one or more of the four specializations. This specialization should be selected within the first 2 weeks of the Fall 8-week session of the Specialized year. Once a student identifies a specialization, it will influence his or her program in the following ways:

  • Field placement should coincide with chosen specialization
  • 2 of the 4 required elective credits will be assigned for specialization-specific “electives.” The remaining 2 credits may be covered by any 1 or 2-credit elective courses.
  • Students will be expected to tailor their assignments in all specialized courses to their specialization(s) (e.g., The assignment is to write an explanation of how to implement CBT with a client. In the Healthcare specialization, the expectation would be to write about how to use CBT with a client in a healthcare setting).
  • Students will take a 3-credit, specialization-specific Macro Practice course in the final fall semester of the program.
  • Once field placement has begun, the student will not be allowed to change specializations.

A student could choose to do more than one area of specialization, though Addictions and Healthcare cannot be combined. In the event a student chooses more than one area of specialization, he/she will be expected to complete all 4 credits of specialization-specific “electives.” The student will also be expected to complete an additional 100 hours of Specialized practicum (700 hours).

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